September 11, 2008

Swamp Fox 2008

Cornerstone Church recently participated in our town's local festival called Swamp Fox.

The day started with a parade where we handed out about eight to nine hundred Hey Kids - Test Your Memory gospel tracts plus candy.

The parade was a ton of fun! Thanks to everyone who participated!!


Cornerstone manned our annual 'What's In a Name?' booth where we gave people the meaning of their name on a gospel tract.

Thank you to all who helped with the booth! Especially to John S. who set up, stayed the whole day and then tore down!

December 27, 2007

December 9, 2007

To Those Who are Seeking Salvation

Charles Spurgeon's best-selling book. A clear, simple gospel presentation.

An Earnest Word with Those
Who Are Seeking Salvation
by the Lord Jesus Christ
C. H. Spurgeon
"Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound" (Romans 5:20).
(click blue link above)

December 6, 2007

Four Jewish Men

Before I get to the reason for the title, I just wanted to say that I was really blessed by Andria today in regards to fishing. She called looking for a way to make it possible for her to come to the mall tonight when she could have had a good excuse for not going. Sometimes I don't feel like going out witnessing which is why I was blessed by her attitude and willingness. I, myself, wouldn't have been out tonight if she hadn't called.

We talked with one older teen woman taking a break from her clothing store job and were both concerned about her. We walked away and prayed for her right then. It seemed like there was a battle going on for her.

We then talked with two very young teen girls for 20 minutes. That was very encouraging because we seemed to get a lot of Biblical truth to them. As Andria and I were discussing that encounter and getting ready to head to the food court for some dinner, four obviously Jewish young men (head coverings, top hats, long coats and beards) walked by us and at fairly quick pace...

I've really wanted to talk with a Jew and tell them the Good News that Jesus is the Messiah they are waiting for! Yeah! :c)

I made a purposeful move to get by their sides (they were moving fairly rapidly, remember) and say, "Excuse me, sir. Excuse me, sir," before the back two heard me and turned towards me. I asked if I could ask them some questions and they said yes (but I knew I had very little time with them). This is rough b/c of my memory but thought it would be interesting to many...

"Are you Jewish?"

"Are you waiting for the coming Messiah?"

"Do you think that Jesus is that Messiah?"
"No!" (turning from me but and slightly moving away)

"Why? Have you looked into how He fulfilled the prophesies?"
"Because He's not. And I don't care."

"But, have you looked into it?"
"Yes, and He's not."

"Why do you believe He is not?"
"Why should I believe that He is?"

"Because He did fulfill all the prophesies, but, I asked you what made you believe that He isn't?"
"He's not." (angry and walks away as I try to hand him a Why Christianity? booklet who I then try to hand to the non-talking friend but who wouldn't take it either)

At one point for maybe just a few seconds all four of them were near me. The other two had walked up quickly and I had a surreal feeling with them all around me. I think that's the way it happened but I guess Andria had a better perspective. Maybe they weren't all around me even though it felt that way.

We were both surprised by the prideful attitude. Although we really shouldn't be - considering. It was just so neat for me to get this opportunity. Please pray for all these people (God knows who they are). That the unknown woman's battle would be won... That Hillary and Miranda (?) would continue to search out Jesus... That God, in His loving mercy, have compassion on the four Jewish men.


December 5, 2007


The Lord has been disciplining me in a some areas for a few long months. I am very thankful for that, but it is painful (sometimes very much so) and I think I am still in the middle of the discipline.

Pride goes before destruction,
And a haughty spirit before a fall.
Proverbs 16:18

Before last week, I hadn't been out purposefully witnessing for a month due to a child's surgery, a miscarriage and Matt going while I stayed home with the children. A week ago today I finally just wrote down four questions that I'd really been struggling with the Lord over. He answered three of them through His Word, the Bible. The fourth He answered that night while 'fishing'...

Without much thought into it, I sat down next to Sergio, a God-fearing Christian with a huge faith, who had been planning on spending an hour at Best Buy but thought that he should just sit and wait at the mall instead. Through an almost hour and a half long conversation, Jesus Christ ministered to my soul by just listening to Sergio talk about his faith in Christ.

What did I learn? We can't worry about anything else than 'once saved-always saved' because there is really nothing else... If we don't have Christ, we have nothing. When we don't feel like praying, that is when we especially need to pray. When we don't feel like spending time in the Word, that is especially when we need to spend time in the Word.

So, even though I wasn't really 'fishing,' I'm really thankful that the Lord showed me how much He does care.


December 4, 2007


In a previous post, I mentioned talking with a young man named Casey.

Two of us talked to him about a month ago. Well, about two weeks ago, by coincidence (yeah, right!), my wife talked to one of his friends. She told my wife that we had offended Casey with the manner in which we had shared with him.

Since we told him about the book "A Case for Christ" by Lee Strobel, I decided to buy the book for him. I stopped by the place where he works at the mall and gave him the book, with a $5 bill tucked in the middle. I told him that we had heard we offended him, and that it was not our intention to do so. Since we previously talked about this book, I hoped that he would enjoy it.

Pray that God would draw Casey to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.


November 9, 2007

JoAnna: Halloween Night

JoAnna was another "fisher" who went out witnessing at Trunk or Treat on Halloween night...

I have known about The Way of the Master for sometime. In fact, I was in the first classes with Sarah and Lisa. Well, apart from witnessing to a few family members and teens in my youth group, I had little experience.

I was so excited to see God move I was shaking! When I approached a teenage couple that was a little too close for how teens should be touching, I was blown away that he was concerned he would go to Hell! It was great to share with him the good news about Jesus taking our punishment.

There was another group of about 6 that I witnessed to. They had all the answers about Jesus and being "saved" but weren't dressed or acting in a manner worthy of the Holy Spirit living in them as a true sign of a believer. My wonderful husband, Michael, confronted one of the young ladies about her dress and pointed to the Law and the sin of adultery, that Jesus said whomever looks with lust [commits adultery]. He said she was causing others to look with lust and sinning herself. It was encouraging to see her button her sweater and be convicted by the Law.

It was an awesome experience and God is good to allow us to share in that way. Please pray for me, my brother is coming to town from Florida to be here with his best friend who is in a coma with a drug overdose. I know they both need Jesus and I believe the Way of the Master is the best way to see that need. Thanks.